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Talking Boudoir with Tom Dunne on Newstalk 106-108

Tom Dunne from Newstalk 106-108 FM radio called me to talk Boudoir.

Last week I sent an email to the Tom Dunne show on  Tom was interviewing Marie Garvey about a naked dip “Dip in the Nip” in the ocean for charity that is coming up in the next few weeks in Connemara.
Dip in the Nip is a charity event to help raise money for Cancer research.I love their tag line “Dare to Bare to fight cancer.” Basically you strip to your birthday suit and have a dip in the sea to raise funds for cancer! Marie was telling Tom how people, especially women feel empowered and liberated when they take part in this event.
After hearing this interview I wanted to share my thoughts on how my Boudoir clients feel after their photo shoot.I started to think about all my Boudoir clients and the testimonials I have received. The common denominator is that women feel empowered when they leave my studio after their Boudoir session. I shared this in an email to to the Tom Dunne show.
I told the story of journalist Bernie Ni Fhlaherta of the Connacht Tribune  when she came to us for a session.She wrote that she felt “10 feet tall” after her Boudoir Session.So what is it about baring our bodies that makes us feel empowered, elated and 10 feet tall? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comment box below and let me know why you think stripping off is good for our confidence.
On Monday the Newstalk team rang me for a chat with Tom Dunne to discuss Boudoir and the feel good factor.
Have a listen to Tom and I talk Boudoir on  Newstalk here. Monday Part one.

P.S. I also let Tom know about our Dudoir Sessions…He seemed very interested-Watch this space!

See Connacht Tribune article here

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