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The Marilyn Boudoir Session Info and a la carte menu of sets

The Marilyn Boudoir Session and A la Carte Menu with Corephotography

Ok so you’re booked in for the Marilyn Boudoir Session. This session is based on the photo shoot Marilyn Monroe had with famous photographer Doulas Kirkland. In this shoot Marilyn worn nothing else but a white bed sheet on a bed in a white room.

Marilyn Monroe by Douglas Kirkland

When asked by a reporter “What do you wear to bed Miss Monroe?” Marilyn replied “Coco Chanel.”
So you have a choice to wear a white sheet (supplied) for your pose in our Marilyn set or to bring a corset, a negligee, a thong and some sexy heels…Coco Chanel?
It’s your decision.
If you would like to add on a set you can do so by letting us know before you arrive so we can make room in our schedule to accomodate you. It is advisable to bring dark couloured lingerie for these sets.
Below are photos of  four sets (Backgrounds).
To add one or all four to your session please let us know well in advance so
we can advise you on outfits and time slots available.
Add One set: 20 euro ,Two sets: 35 euro, Three sets:50 euro, Four sets: 60 euro
Extra sets must be paid on or before  the day of your photo shoot.
Add make up artist: 70 euro-Must be confirmed before booking.
This one is the Antique Chaise Lounge.We have created a series of flattering poses for
you with sultry colours and shadowy light.


The next set is a Chair made for a castle.We will demonstrate the pose for you and highlight your best features.



This set is Pink and pearly.Perfect for the feminine touch.
The Christine Keeler pose on “The Chair” is as infamous as you can get.
Be a Femme Fatale like Christine.

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