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Boudoir Client Testimonials

“That’s what she said”..Client testimonials

I love to catch up with the girls after their Boudoir session and find out how they feel about the shoot.

Usually (like 99% of the time) as the shoot is coming to a close the client will express how happy they are with themselves for doing a boudoir shoot.
Most of the time they book the shoot with their boyfriend or husband in mind, imaging his face when he opens the album
and what it will be like when he sees them at their sexiest! Then there is a realization that they have re bonded with the sexy feminine
within and a feeling of lovliness washes over them… and sometimes tears of joy! It’s a great moment!

Miss M-J said….( Our 200th Face Book Fan Winner)

Thank you so much for our recent boudoir party which was not only a fun and exciting day but an absolute confidence boost and gave me such a feeling of empowerment. I had no idea that I could look so hot! Normally the thoughts of posing in my underwear would fill me with terror but you have an amazing way of making your “boudoirettes” feel at ease. I would throughly recommend a boudoir shoot for an individual or a group. We were on a high for the whole evening afterwards, it was a fantastic bonding session and it was as much fun as my hen party! Malvina did an incredible job on our make up and it lasted through dinner and  afterwards…. we were right glamourpusses!!!! My photos turned out better than I could have ever imagined. It was such a treat to feel not only pretty but darn sexy too! The world would be a happier sexier place if every doctor prescribed a shoot for every woman that has body issues!!!  I am so glad I made the trip!

Chat soon xxxxxxxxxx

“OMG Clare,
I cant thank you enough!!! And Malvina (for making me look stunning, my eyes are so fabulous and big, plus I love my red lips!!). Seriously Clare, I have tears in my eyes looking at these shots (half crying, half laughing!!), I cant believe I am the person in those photos – I’m fabulous!! I can truly believe it now!! Its amazing, I cant believe it!! So a HUGE thank you, seriously, I cant thank you enough!! For everything!! I enjoyed the day so much, now I’ll always have these to remember it by!”

xx Miss SD

P.S. to anyone contemplating a Boudoir shoot – you’d love it!! Its almost like seeing yourself on Heat mag or Cosmo or something – looking fabulous!!! Its such a confidence boost

“I wanted to mark this birthday with something special for both me and partner. I had seen boudoir phototography advertised in the media and had picked up from it there was a lady working in this field in Barna.I didn’t have her name so I Googled boudoir phototography Galway and came up with Clare’s website. I was immediatelty impressed with the style and sophistication of the photos which are there for you to view. I left a message and Clare promptly responded with an appointment. I phoned Clare and I was immediately put at rest there on the other end was a very nice friendly voice.I explained I was very interested and would like to do a shoot we made an appointment for the following week. I got my hair done in soft curls applied false tan and done my nails.As I arrived to the shoot I was nervous but very excited. I met Claire and I completely relaxed she made me feel so at ease all the nerves faded away and she really makes you feel like the star of the show and really guides you through the poses.Malvina the make up artist, applied my makeup which was absolutely fantastic really glamorous she also stayed on set during shoot retouching makeup.We started the shoot and I couldn’t believe how into I got. It was a lovely atmosphere very comfortable.I would highly recommend this for everyone! It really is a fantastic time and a fabulous experience and you are left with fabulous memories captured in beautiful photos that you will have forever as well your partner will be very impressed x.”

Signed A Very Happy Customer Of Core Photography Boudoir Session x.

Thank you so so so much Clare.
I love them! I really thought I would struggle and feel uncomfortable and it was the total opposite.
I enjoyed every minute. I will definitely spread the word down here and leave your leaflets around a few hairdressers and stuff, and make sure they know the trip up from Cobh/Cork is WELL worth the trip. Both yourself and Malvina  were so friendly,helpful and filled me with confidence thatI don’t normally have. Thank you so so much.

xx Aileen

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Hey! Just wanted to recommend a photographer in Galway who did my boudoir shoot a couple weeks ago. I was very nervous being in me scanties but Malvina Barrett did an amazing job on my makeup and Clare O’Regan of Core Photography was the brilliant photographer. I didn’t feel embarrassed at all after a while coz Clare has a great sense of humour and I forgot that I was in my undies in front of a complete stranger. i’ve seen the photos on my online gallery and I love them….I am getting quite vain! But just want to say I was very happy with the results and I would highly recommend Clare and Malvina. I had a lot of fun too and I feel a bit hotter after the experience!!


Hi girls
I did a boudoir session with in Galway last weekend. Was so nervous but really wanted to do it as a wedding present for h2b. Nervous cos I’m (a) soo not model material (b) don’t photo well (always look gammy) (c) not at my target weight … but I reckoned if I could do this, I wouldn’t/couldn’t be worried about the wedding day photos etc.

BUT it was simply the best thing ever! Clare, the photographer, is just so lovely and made me feel completely at ease. Her studio is fabulous, with loads of different setups for the shots and I didn’t once feel silly or awkward. And the makeup artist, Malvina, worked wonders on me! She gave me a number of different looks, which I wouldn’t normally even try, but I looked fabulous. I was there for almost 3 hours, although it felt much less, it was v relaxing, Clare guided me in terms of how to pose etc and I loved it! So would highly recommend it girls. Clare sent on the photos this week, and I almost didn’t recognise myself, they’re fab! Plus she’ll photoshop the ones I choose! So I’ll let you know how it all turns out, but would highly recommend it!!!! Even tho’ I did it for h2b, I’m actually so glad I did it for me! You’d love it!!

I went to Clare in core photography in Galway
Have to say I got my little black book this week and I can’t stop looking at it, absolutely delighted with it. Find it hard to believe it’s me . Definately recommend Clare, she’s lovely and the pics are fab!!


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